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The history of the creation of Kamar Sutera Lotion formulation
This formulation is created at the request of women/wives for the purpose of tightening the vagina especially while in bed. After a tiring search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, in 2007 Kamar Sutera Lotion was finally created to assist women. It is a unique product, capable of eliminating whiteheads and smoothen the facial skin. To date hundred of thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide.

VCO, acrylates, fragrance, glicerine, oak galls,piper betle,mineral oils,ficus detolidea,methylisothiazelinone, cinnamomum eylanicum
Apply and massage extremely when necessary
Use to moisten, soften, smoothen and freshen

Kamar Sutra Lotion (code: LKS)

- Specially design and formulated from pure virgin coconut oil and selected natural herbs, a heritage of past generation, to give a spectacular healing effect to the skin, removing dead skin cells, promote the growth/regeneration of new cells, helps to restore the youthfulness and suppleness of the skin and simultaneously making the skin soft and smooth. To be applied internally and externally to the genital. The active ingredients in the lotion will penetrate deep into the skin and treat the cells, activating them. It has a unique function of tightening the vagina thus enhancing its grip simultaneously destroying harmful organism. The aroma of the herbs is refreshing and soothing, eliminating any unpleasant odor. LKS is specially formulated. It is not harmful if it is inadvertently swallowed.

Apply the Kamar Sutera Lotion to area on the side of the vagina as shown in the picture. The purpose is to shrink down the opening of the vagina and provide thick lubricant between the lips. Better still if it is applied to the whole vagina. Other than that it is capabled of removing dead cells around the vagina or the skin if applied to that particular area, the skin will be smoother.

Note : You can test the effectiveness of this lotion. Apply the lotion to skin area that is rough and wrinkled. After 2 hours (dried up) wash and wipe to dry. You will find that the skin will become clean and smooth (less wrinkles). This proved that Kamar Sutera Lotion is capable of returning the youthfullness of the skin cells.

Time of usage
Step 1 :
It is suggested that the wife apply the Kamar Sutera Lotion 1 or 1/2 half an hour before "the occasion". The Lotion will penetrate into the surface skin and treat the skin to enhance its activeness. As a result the whole skin area that has been applied with the Lotion will shrink and tighten up therefore improving its grip. While the aroma of the herbs used will act to eliminate the unpleasant odor to a more desirable aroma.

Step 2 :
Just before you begin, apply again to the whole vagina. Its purpose is to enhance the aura of desire and its stickiness will arouse you and your husband.
Nota : Kamar Sutera Lotion is specially formulated, it is not harmful if it is inadvertantly swallowed.

Apart from being able to shrink/enhance the grip of the vagina, it is also capable of removing dead skin cells thus making the skin feel smooth after its use.
Manjakani (the herb) contained in the lotion is also capabled of closing up the tissue layers, simultaneously recover the softness and revitalise the nerves and muscles of the vagina. Therefore the sexual activities will be more exciting.

A Officer from Kuala Lumpur
"We have been married for about six years. We had two children and our life had been happy and joyful. However, just like any other couples we always cherish our maiden nights and how we wished it could return. And do you know for the first time after so many year we experienced it again as a result of the Kamar Sutera Lotion. It is really a remarkable product".

A housewife from Penang
"Do you love your husband? You are worried of he having an affair with another woman....As a wife did it ever cross your mind why men or your husband acted in such a manner? This seldom occur while the heat of honey moon is still intense. Well I think we as a wife has our role to play. Even though there are several reasons out there, but we as a wife should not take things for granted. I strongly believed that the main factor is we as a wife did not perform as we did during the early days of our marriage".
"The question is why don't you give him a very special gift on every occasion in bed, spellbound him with your performance until he thank you for being such a superb wife? That's exactly what I experienced. You like to know the secret.......? You got to try Kamar Sutera Lotion".

"If we can enjoy our sex life again, why couldn't you".....?

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